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Today's students are no longer linear learners or the 'unknowledgeable' but multi-facet learners who have access to a large source of information at their fingertips. The 'fingertip knowledge society' (Bonk, 2009) can access information from various sources, multi-task between different applications and hardware. They are the 'Digital Native' generation who communicate, collaborate, create and co-create using technology. This style of learning can sometimes change when students attend lectures where the lecturer transmits their knowledge on a ratio of one-to-many and students revert back to a learning style that is linear and passive. Many pedagogical approaches and technologies that propose to enable engagement and collaboration, for example, questioning in lectures, Forums on VLEs, Wikis or Blogs, do not always enable true communication and collaboration or meet the needs of learners. This is due to two aspects: only 5% of students responding to questions in lectures and the asynchronous mechanism of the technology used. The online tool, Poll Everywhere, changes lectures from the passive to the active through engaging students in question and response and meeting their immediate needs using the tools of today's generation not the past.

A brief presentation related to using Poll Everywhere?

Poll Everywhere is an online question and response application that allows lecturers to post questions to students during a lecture scenario and receive live feedback through students using portable devices that have internet capability. Poll Everywhere is free for audiences of thirty people of less with paid plans for Higher Education.

Why use Poll Everywhere?
Poll Everywhere enables all students to participate in lecture discussions using their own portable devices to send their response or question to the presenter. Students can contribute to discussions anonymously or authored and access the responses after the lecture rather than rely on the auditory memory. Lecturers are able to engage a larger proportion of students in discussions and use the technology as a tool for formative assessment where they can feedback to students' immediate needs during the lecture. The following Top Ten reasons for using Poll Everywhere with students in Higher Education was generated from some of the responses provided by BEd Primary Education students after using the technology during lectures.
Student Responses

Top Ten Reasons:
To engage students in the learning environment.
To enable all students' views to be heard rather than the lone voice in the crowd.
To enable students to contribute synchronously to the learning conversation.
To allow students to access discussions and ideas after lectures.
To assess students’ understandings of a concept formatively.
To enable students’ to summarise their understanding of learning in a limited number of characters.
To make lectures/ workshops interactive through students responding using mobile devices that have internet accessibility.
To allow lecturers to adapt their inputs, during the lecture, in response to student feedback.
To make inputs participatory rather than passive.

How To Use Poll Everywhere
The following provides a quick start guide to using Poll Everywhere.

1. Go to Poll Everywhere and select 'Create you first poll'.

2. There are five options to choose from. Select the 'Multiple Choice Poll' option.

3. Type your question and possible responses.

4. Select whether you wish a participant to respond more than once (if you select 'as much as you like' this is useful where participants are sharing devices).

5. To enable participants to respond using Internet rather than a text message select 'Smartphones via poll4.com'.

6. Save to generate live Poll.

7. Participants can now respond by going to http://poll4.com and typing in the number that represents their choice then selecting Submit. Results will appear live on screen as participants respond.

If you would like further information how to use Poll Everywhere successfully in Higher Education, please contact s . a . tonner @ dundee . ac . uk