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A Mind Map is a highly effective way of assimilating external information, in the format of symbols, words, colours and images, into the brain's memory system. A Mind Map also works the opposite way by enabling internal thoughts and information to be transferred into a highly organised visual diagram. Originated in the late 1960s by Tony Buzan, Mind Maps are now used by many in all areas and stages of Education to enable users to visualise their thinking.

What is mindmeister?Mindmeister is one of the array of online mind mapping tools that allows users to create, share and work collaboratively on an online mind map.
The following video provides a brief overview of the potential of Mindmeister:

Why use mindmeister?
Mindmeister provides a collaborative area online where students and lecturers can contribute to learning anonymously or authored. Students’ contributions can be made synchronously (during lecture inputs workshops) and displayed immediately to the whole cohort with the added bonus of students being able to access the collaborative area after the input to assimilate the information gathered. Students' can also use asynchronously (anytime, anyplace, anywhere) to work with peers to brainstorm a topic or concept. Alongside working collaboratively, students can use mindmeister independently using a range of portable digital devices.
The following Top Ten reasons for using Mindmeister were provided by educationalists via Twitter

Top Ten Reasons:
  1. Brainstorming students ideas during lectures and workshops.
  2. Formatively assessing what students know and need to know during lectures and workshops.
  3. Project planning with colleagues.
  4. Creating structure of book/chapter with colleagues.
  5. Note taking during lectures or meetings.
  6. Problem solving collaboratively or independently.
  7. Event preparation with colleagues.
  8. Creating an inclusive environment for visual learners.
  9. Freeing restrictions of time and place through using personal mobile device to interact with mind map.
  10. Export mind map to embed in documents and presentations.

Examples of using mindmeister in Higher Education.
Student primary teacher using Mindmeister to collect thoughts together regarding an assignment.

Undergraduate medical students using Mindmeister.

How to use mindmeister